Insulating glass units (IGUs) are complex systems. Insulating glass (IG) failures happen and are a goldmine of information. The key to a fabricator’s long-term success is determining the cause of those failures to improve daily practices, increase production quality and reduce liability.

Based on the session from the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance’s (IGMA) IG Fabricator Workshop, Forensic Investigation of Insulating Glass Units is a hands-on session where participants are provided with IGU samples intentionally fabricated with common, known failures.

GlassBuild attendees can have the opportunity to inspect the IGUs and are provided with the tools to determine the failure mode with guidance from industry experts. Participants will learn techniques to provide a detailed IG analysis to include performing a visual inspection, dissecting the unit, writing the failure report and analyzing the failure. Workshop participants will receive the forensic investigative worksheet form to take back to their place of employment.

“We are pleased to collaborate with GlassBuild and the National Glass Association to bring the forensic workshop to GlassBuild 2019,” says IGMA executive director Margaret Webb. “This is certainly our most popular session at the IG Fabricator Workshop, and this is just a small sampling of what that session holds.”

The Forensic Investigation of Insulating Glass Units events will be held throughout the day on Tuesday, September 17 and Wednesday, September 18 at booth #3909.