Things continue to get technical this week in Denver.

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Fall Conference commenced Wednesday with the Technical Services Committee, chaired by Jeff Haberer of Trulite Industries.

IGMA's Fall Conference is underway this week in Denver.
IGMA’s Fall Conference is underway this week in Denver.

One of the more controversial discussions surrounded the tolerances for IG Cavity Width Task Group, which held a closed meeting. The scope of the group is to address non-parallel glazing and the effect on thermal and long-term performance related to changes in the cavity width.

The group’s first work item is to establish maximum cavity width reduction tolerances specific to manufacturing capabilities and thermal performance. The second is to develop an online informational resource addressing solar reflectance of fenestration systems.

The concept of an online resource was not limited to that group, however.

According to Tracy Rogers of Quanex, the Visual Quality Task Group—a joint effort between IGMA and AAMA—seeks to establish a website targeted toward the consumer market.

“It will provide information to consumers who look through their window and say, ‘I think something is wrong with this glass,’” Rogers said.

The document has gone through two rounds of balloting, and two specific comments will be addressed at an upcoming meeting.

IGMA technical consultant Bill Lignell gave an update on the development of the models for the calculation of thermal stress in insulating glass units. That topic is being handled in the Thermal Stress Task Group, chaired by Haberer.

The group expects the models to be completed by the end of this year, and the development of a thermal glass standard specification for thermal stress in IGUs will follow.

A document revision in the Dimensional Tolerances Task Group, which chairperson Bill Briese of GED Integrated Solutions said has seen “a lot of dialogue,” got the thumbs up for publication.

Additionally, Helen Sanders of SageGlass said a joint task group regarding the edge pressure of insulating glass units is working on the development of a standardized procedure. The procedure seeks to determine the effect of pressure on the edge seal and a test to predict when PIB scalloping will occur as an aesthetic issue and ultimately result in failure.

Aaron Ryan of Pella and co-chair by Dan Hagkin of FDR Design are chairing a newly established IG Cavity Compensation task group. It solicited volunteers at the meeting and got a handful of prospective participants.

Dave Cooper of Guardian Industries touched on the PIB Task group, which looks to publish a draft document by the end of the year that prescribes recommended test methods. It is a joint task group with GANA.

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