The Technical Services Committee was the focus of Thursday’s second day of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) 2013 Summer Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, says IGMA spokesperson Brian Pitman.

IMG_3018A discussion was held on various activities of the subcommittees, as well as updates from other organizations and on building codes and standards in the industry.  Bill Lingnell, IGMA’s technical director, delivered a lunch presentation, highlighting several insulating glass (IG) failures and their causes.  He cited a number of case studies from his work within the industry, generating several questions from members dwelling on the root of the failures.

According to Tracy Rogers, director of industry relations and technology for Quanex Building Products, the following also occurred during Technical Services Committee meeting:

  • Comments from the ballot of “A Brief Review of the Use of Setting Blocks for Insulating Glass Units” were reviewed, with changes being re-balloted to the Technical Services Committee.
  • A task group was created to provide direction regarding a request to provide an analysis on the load resistance (glass strength) for IGUs with two-edge, structurally-glazed support conditions.
  • A joint document from by IGMA and the Glass Association of North America (GANA) addressing the use of capillary tubes in IGUs is going through final balloting at GANA with approval expected later this year; and
  • A new task group has been assigned to the Multiple Cavity IGU task group to establish the “Dimensional Tolerances for Multiple Cavity Insulating Glass Units.”
River Boat photo by Jeff Baker

The group capped the day with a scenic river boat cruise, allowing conference attendees to network while traveling to various points in the harbor. Crystal Archibald, a former IGMA board member no longer in the industry, was honored for her efforts with IGMA during the dinner cruise.

Today’s conference focus will be on safety and testing, with Quanex Building Products’ Mike Burk, leading the Glass Safety Awareness Council’s meeting.

Burk led an interactive session Friday morning on IG failures and their causes.

The conference concludes on Saturday with the IGMA board meeting.