Strength in Numbers: What to Expect from the New FGIA

By Margaret Webb

Members of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) have voted to approve the combination of the two organizations, forming the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA). What can they now expect in the coming months?


All task groups are still working on their respective projects, developing technical documents and standards, the certification programs are running the same as they did pre-vote, as well as all the education programs. The IGMA IG Fabricator Workshop was held November 12-14 in Plano, Texas, with all available slots filled.

Much work was done in advance ofthe joint member vote to set the fee schedule, the organizational structure, bylaws and governance. This quarter, the joint boards of directors and staff have focused on implementing the plan to launch the new organization January 1, 2020. Staff has been working on budgeting and the upcoming conference to ensure all activities that members of both organizations have come to expect are retained and funded.

The IGMA and AAMA boards of directors met in Austin, Texas, October 3-4 to start the development of the FGIA strategic plan and assign the implementation plan steps. These were initially developed by the staff of both organizations to make the transition to one organization as seamless as possible.

The staff and boards have been hard at work, meeting frequently to establish the new logo (to be unveiled at the February conference) and branding strategy, and working to populate the steering committees by reaching out to the committees and leadership of both groups. While the structure will be new, expect to see familiar faces in these leadership roles. The AAMA and IGMA brands will be retained indefinitely but combined with the new FGIA logo, thereby retaining the existing brand identity for easy identification.

The inaugural board of directors’ slate will be established this month by the implementation team comprised of the executive committees of both organizations. This slate will be ratified at the first FGIA conference.


For IGMA members, there will be some changes in the conference schedule as the activities and areas of responsibility under the current Emerging Technologies & Innovation (ET&I) and the Education & Safety Committees have been assigned either to a steering committee or one of the retained committees. The Technical Services and Certification Committees have been retained and will meet during the conference.

Glass research and the glass R&D fund will be under the Glass Products Council Technical Services Committee, so work continues on all IGMA research activities. This includes the joint IGCC-IGMA Rapid Assessment Chamber and the ASTM E 2190 Field Correlation Study Pilot Program (now launched). The Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG) task group, which is developing glazing guidelines for VIG, will also be under this committee.

The task groups under the Glass Products Council Certification Committee include the two certification programs (IGCC-IGMA and IGMAC), Component Code Standardization, the Quality Management System, the TM-5000 Safety Manual, Advanced Fenestration Testing, Gas Measurement & Evaluation, Preventing IG Failures online and the ever-popular IG Fabricator Workshop.


Another change is that all qualifying members will be able to vote on Glass Product Council ballots, should they choose to exercise these rights. Under the existing structure, only the rostered committees formally voted on a ballot. Members will have more access to staff resources, and will be able to touch base with IGMA’s familiar faces and experts, such as Bill Lingnell, our technical consultant.

Come January 1, 2020, members should see a fluid transition to the new organization. I encourage all IGMA members to attend the inaugural FGIA Annual Conference, scheduled for February 10-13, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, and put your individual stamp on the FGIA Glass Products Council. At IGMA, we have always looked to the members to set the direction of the organization and this is true of the new organization, as well. There will be some change but, for the most part, it will be familiar.

Margaret Webb is the executive director of the Insulating Glass
Manufacturers Alliance with offices based in Chicago and Ottawa, Ontario.

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