Growing Through Evolution: IGMA, AAMA Discuss Combining to Serve the Industry

By Margaret Webb

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) board of directors has been extremely busy looking at the future of the organization and how to expand our current services to our members. This, combined with the possibility of the current staff retiring, has been the focus of many strategic discussions at the board level.


In 2016, a conscious decision was made to focus on industry education, financial solidarity, technical expertise, streamlining the certification process, and expanding codes and standards activities for our members in Canada and the U.S. IGMA introduced the Leadership Development Program, the IG Fabricator Workshop (hands-on training) and launched the online seminar program, Preventing IG Failures.

Of course, more services and products require increased financial commitment. So how can this be accomplished?

It was determined that increasing IGMA product and service offerings would likely result in a 25-percent increase in IGMA membership fees, should IGMA remain in its current condition. This is certainly not the preferred solution, but a viable one if the membership supports this. To expand services and potentially mitigate the dues impact, another solution is to team up with another organization.

As announced June 4th, the boards of directors for the American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) and IGMA have agreed to engage in formal discussions with the goal of creating a new unified organization that can better serve the North American fenestration industry. This agreement follows the recommendation made by a joint AAMA and IGMA Exploratory Team after 12 months of careful thought and collaboration.

The team’s priorities are two-fold: first, how to best serve the needs of the current membership, and second, how to structure the new organization to best serve the industry and member needs. The first combined event has been targeted for the summer of 2019 in Victoria, Canada, with all sessions open to both members of IGMA and AAMA. Ir-respective of the outcome of our discussions, IGMA and AAMA will be meeting together at this property in 2019.

The process and discussions are similar to what was done during the SIGMA-IGMAC merger with due diligence being exercised by all.


IGMA and AAMA have enjoyed a strong relationship for the past 15 years. We actively participate in each other’s meetings, and AAMA has always supported IGMA’s research projects.

AAMA and IGMA represent both the residential and commercial markets. AAMA’s manufacturer members are IGMA’s customers, so a unified organization will provide broader networking opportunities for IGMA members, better codes and standards representation in Canada and the U.S., technical publications that encompass the complete fenestration product and access to more technical expertise.

So, is this a done deal? By no means. Representatives from both organizations are working to develop a complete formal proposal for the members of both organizations to review prior to issuing a formal ballot. Approval from both organizations will be required for this to go forward.

The IGMA board of directors will be holding an open discussion session at the IGMA 2018 summer conference, but we are seeking ongoing input from our members; questions, concerns, support and feedback from everyone. Both IGMA and AAMA are committed to frequent and open communication to our respective memberships. For further information, please contact Janice Yglesias, AAMA executive vice president, any member of the IGMA or AAMA boards of directors, or me.

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