Prices of glass and materials continue to rise and affect the glass and glazing industry.

PRL Glass Systems, based in City of Industry, Calif., recently announced it has undergone a cost increase from its glass vendors effective March 7, 2022, and is forced to follow suit with a 10% increase on all of its flat glass products.

“Despite continual cost containment efforts, the rising costs related to materials, packaging, freight/logistics, and the ongoing challenges associated with the labor cost and overall general inflationary pressures, we find it necessary to increase 10% prices on all of the flat glass products, effective with shipments beginning on March 7, 2022,” CEO David Landeros says in a statement to customers.

In a similar statement to customers, John Medel, vice president of marketing and sales at Glasswerks, based in South Gate, Calif., says that “despite continual cost containment efforts, the rising costs of non-glass raw materials, logistics and labor continue to increase. Lastly, glass costs continue to escalate due to a price increase just announced by our major glass suppliers.”

Because of these costs, all Glasswerks locations, Northwestern Industries-Arizona and Avalon Glass & Mirror will increase their prices up to 10% on all glass and mirror products beginning with all orders received on or after March 7, 2022.

In January, the Producer Price Index for flat glass was up 9% from January 2021.

Gamco Corp., based in Queens, N.Y., also shared with its customers that its current lead time is about two weeks for its doors, storefronts and curtainwalls, though subject to change based on hardware and glass.

Associated General Contractors of America officials say construction firms are still struggling from increased costs for materials and labor shortages. “Spiking materials prices are making it challenging for most firms to profit from any increases in demand for new construction projects,” said Stephen Sandherr, CEO. “Left unabated, these price increases will undermine the economic case for many development projects and limit the positive impacts of the new infrastructure bill.”