Industry 4.0, automation value-added and optimization are some of the words abuzz at glasstec in Düsseldorf, Germany this week.

Ritec displayed a model of its ClearPad H1600M production line, which applies its ClearShield product to tempered glass.

Exhibitors are showcasing products that improve the experience from production to the end-user.

Italian machinery company Bottero is focusing on automation with each of its machines on display. One of the highlights was the PraticaPlus CNC working center. The updated version of the company’s Pratica is smaller and features a swivel operator. The machine comes with the Bottero AM4.0 app, which gives a real-time look at the diagnostics of the machine on an iPad or tablet. The augmented reality diagnostics are meant to prevent maintenance. Users can order needed parts through the app.

The 548 Lam from Bottero cuts laminated glass without having to go all the way across the bridge.

According to Marco Antonelli, marketing and communication manager of the flat glass business unit, the company is working to have this software available on all of its machines and eventually hope it can be retrofitted into the company’s older machines.

The company’s 548 Lam is an automated laminated glass cutting table that can rotate the glass on the table. It is able to cut thicker and larger lites of glass. It can cut the laminated lites without going all the way across the bridge, which saves energy and time.

Grenzebach, based in Germany, is also embracing industry 4.0. The company (industrial internet of things) IIoT platform connects all of the equipment in a plant, no matter the supplier. Glass companies can connect the machines through the internet or through a server on site.

Smart-Builder is showcasing its software for fabricators and installers at glasstec.

The program can be customized to show the operator only the need applications, allowing for quick orientation to the program. It also offers forecast scenarios of the next needed maintenance based on current output data.

Grenzebach is also displaying a robot that picks up moving glass from the fly and then orients the glass in the correct position before placing it on the next step in the process. A new stacker can take glass from the top of bottom. Indexing is not needed due to the flexible reach of the stacker.

Ritec’s ClearPad H1600M is a fully automatic production line for the application of the company’s ClearShield coating. The line is modular and can be customized to fit the needs of a specific company or factory floor plan. It includes a tempering line, or can be integrated with a company’s existing tempering line. Ritec is also focusing on its hand sprayer for glass shops at glasstec. It’s continuous and prevents clogging.

Bottero’s PraticaPlus is integrated with the AM4.0 app, an industry 4.0 software that provides real-time diagnostics of the CNC center on a tablet.

Smart-Builder, a New Zealand-based software company, offers solutions for installers and fabricators. Smart-Glass allows customers to draw a glass mock-up in the software to place the order, which reduces the mistakes made from interpreting hand drawings. Customers can drag and drop to create the drawing and can change a side’s dimensions. It’s meant to be accessible.

The company is also demonstrating its Smart-Toolbox software at glasstec. The program is paper independent, allowing installers to quote, schedule, report, order and do invoices within the software.

glasstec runs until Friday, October 26 at Messe Düsseldorf. Stay tuned to USGNN™ for coverage of the event throughout the week.

Grenzebach’s new stacker machine can reach farther, eliminating the need for indexing.
This robot from Grenzebach picks glass up on the fly and reorients it before placing it down on another part of the processing line.