On the first day of glasstec 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Trosifol™ employees say they noticed product brochures from an Asian manufacturer making illegal use of the Trosifol® SentryGlas® trademark. Kuraray, holder of the trademarks, thereupon took legal action against this advertising.

After examining the case, Düsseldorf Regional Court issued an interim injunction in the course of the fair against this misleading advertising and against the offer for sale of possibly pirated products – on pain of a fine of up to $ 285,014 (EUR 250,000) or, alternatively, imprisonment for up to six months in the event of a repeat offense. This injunction was also served on the Asian company in the course of the fair.

A release from the company reads, “Overall, Trosifol and Kuraray attach great importance to the unique features of their products and a customers’ resultant trust – that has evolved over a period of years. The unambiguous identification of trademarks of the Kuraray Group is therefore of fundamental importance for the economic prosperity of the company as a whole. Genuine competition is only possible if products can be clearly distinguished, so that customers are given the opportunity to make a realistic comparison.”

Trosifol is also keen to stress that Trosifol is the only supplier of Trosifol and SentryGlas products.

“Tests, approvals and product-application expertise are not, of course, transferable to rival products, however similar or dissimilar they may be,” reads a company release.