Intermac America and Canada have announced that Movetro products are now available in the North American market. Intermac expanded its range of products in the sector dedicated to systems and lines for machining flat glass following the acquisition of Movetro in July 2017.

The acquisition of Movetro marked the company’s entry into a highly strategic sector, dedicated to the storage and handling of flat glass plates –thanks to an investment that falls under the 4.0 growth and development plan which involves the entire group.

Movetro, a company based in the province of Padua, has been working with the glass division of Biesse Group for a number of years, and boasts expertise in the area, fundamental to cementing a place as a technological leader and to further strengthen the Intermac range of 4.0 glass solutions, according to the company.

Intermac will offer a consulting approach and provide classifiers, shuttle magazines, automatic loaders, loaders and tilters in addition to its current range. The company will also design dedicated management software.

“The market increasingly demands more control over the entire production process, as customers strive to seize the new opportunities available with 4.0 factories. They are realizing that automation is fundamental to success. Movetro’s solutions will give our customers across North America ultimate control over handling and storage of glass at the end of the production process,” says Federico Broccoli, president and CEO of Intermac America and Intermac Canada.