Safety service company Intertek plans to invest more in the U.S. than it ever has before.

The company will expand its facilities and new testing devices to enhance its breadth of services it offers building products manufacturers.

“Intertek remains committed to expanding our North American service offerings to better help customers bring products to market and respond to relevant regulations and requirements,” says Gregg Tiemann, chief executive of products. “We see robust growth over the next three years in the building products sector and these investments are just a few of the latest that illustrate our continued commitment to the building products industry in the United States.”

The company’s new facility in Plano, Texas, will expand mock-up testing with more space, updated equipment and new services with room for future expansion.

Intertek has also doubled the size of its mock-up facility in West Palm Beach, Fla., and added four new regional offices in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver and Los Angeles. These will help accommodate business growth and bring operations closer to the customer base.

The company’s existing fire-testing facility in Elmendorf, Texas, was also expanded to provide verification and certification to Canada’s CAN/ULC S134 standard, the counterpart to the U.S.’s NFPA 285. These regulations require wall assemblies incorporating combustible components that are intended for use in non-combustible construction.

“The expansion of the Plano and West Palm Beach facilities, new regional offices, and CAN/ULC testing capabilities are just some of the latest advancements we’ve made since the acquisition of Architectural Testing,” says Gavin Campbell, senior global vice president for building products. “These recent developments are part of the ‘Building Better Together’ mantra we’ve adopted in order to provide more viable solutions to the market through testing innovations, greater flexibility, and a customer-focused staff dedicated to meet and exceed the high standards expected of us as a leader in building performance testing.”