Intertek officials say the company’s recent acquisition of Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI) is already creating benefits for building products’ firms throughout the U.S. and Canada in the way of a streamlined and more customizable process of adhering to building codes and standards.

The new Code Compliance Research Report by Intertek (CCRR by Intertek or just CCRR) combines the best practices included in the Intertek Research Report (IRR) with the efficiencies of ATI’s Code Evaluation Research Report (CCRR) to create a single program that eliminates redundancy and significantly reduces the timeline required for product approval, according to a company statement.

“The new CCRR by Intertek represents a significant shift in the code evaluation process, as well as a clear alternative to other industry research reports,” says Michael Beaton, P.E., Intertek’s senior director of certification services. “Our accredited product certification entity provides the testing, inspection and evaluation all in the same process, allowing us to trim anywhere from six months to two yearsof time off the project.  This benefit provides manufacturers a significant financial and a competitive advantage.”

Craig Wagner, P.E., Director of Certification Services, adds, “We can now provide the flexibility to tailor the report for the specific needs or desires of a project. Together, we can service a wider audience than the two individual programs were able to previously because Intertek and ATI each offer different areas of code and compliance expertise. They complement each other with very little overlap.  And, the expanded range of engineering knowledge and expertise is a plus.”