The 2016 North American Ironworkers/IMPACT Annual Meeting is being held in Orlando this week, with more than 1,100 people involved in all segments of ironworking meeting together from Sunday until Wednesday. Contractors, developers and, of course, ironworkers and fabricators met for the three-day conference with a focus on safety and driving results. “There’s a stronger understanding of the symbiotic relationship between contractor/employer and ironworker/labor force,” said Lyle Hill, managing director of Keytech North America, who spoke at the event this morning.

“Each has come to realize how interdependent they are. The stronger the one, the stronger other and this conference really brings that point home,” he added.

In a session entitled “The Future of Building Envelope,”Hill, together with Victor Cornellier, president/CEO of TSI Corp., discussed how changing technology will affect the industry. “Get excited. This is a time for real excitement and growth in the industry,” Hill said. “We should all be very excited for the future.”

“There’s a tremendous amount of work,” said Cornellier, “and the ironworking side of the industry needs to gear up and be ready for it. We need to find new solutions for how to work together and we must be open-minded to finding new solutions for old problems.”