Last week, the International Trade Administration (ITA) rescinded the Department of Commerce’s (DOC) request to 124 Chinese extruders, including Zhongwang, to participate in the 2014 Administrative Review.

“Every year the DOC sends notices and requests to Chinese extruders inviting them to participate in that year’s administrative review,” a release from the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) reads. “All of those that do not respond to that invitation (or respond in the negative) will have that offer rescinded by a certain date as a matter of protocol. For the DOC this is their way of closing the books on which companies will be reviewed. Nothing more, nothing less. It has no bearing on circumvention or scope cases. “

The DOC also announced its preliminary rates for the review. The countervailing duty (CVD) rates are staying at 20 percent and the anti-dumping duty (AD) rates have been maintained at 86 percent.

“Again, this is the preliminary result,” AEC’s release reads. “We will hear the DOC’s final numbers in late December. We are very happy that the DOC continued to keep the duties where they were last year.”