Italbox, a European designer of shower screens, has installed DFI’s Diamon-Fusion coater FuseCube at its headquarters in Portugal.

According to DFI, Italbox will utilize a small model FuseCube, which can apply Diamon-Fusion to both sides of the glass, and all edges, of up to 75 standard size shower panels—amounting to more than 1,800 square feet of surface area.

“[The] integration of the FuseCube will allow us to satisfy the needs of each client as well as increase our standards of differentiation, sustainability and social concern,” says Miguel Sao Bento, financial director of Italbox. “The Diamon-Fusion coating applied will increase the brilliance of the glass as well as create a more hygienic surface, which coincides with our mission to increase the standard of sustainability and environmental concern.”