Glass Industry Companies Prepare to Return to Milan for Vitrum ’21

The world is starting to open up again. Shows and gatherings are being scheduled and taking place, and the anticipated Vitrum show isn’t an exception. Vitrum, the biennial trade fair organized by GIMAV, the Italian Association of Suppliers of Machines, Systems, Accessories and Special Products for Glass Processing, returns to Milan, Italy. Companies worldwide are preparing to showcase their latest glass technology and machinery. The international trade show, which specializes in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass and in processed products for the industry, will take place at Fiera Milano exhibition complex in Rho October 5-8. Here’s a peek of what some companies plan to feature during the event. To learn more, or to register, visit

A Whole New MappiSphere

At the center of Mappi’s display this year is the company’s focus on how the application of technologies can change the way people work in the glass industry. The Mappi tempering furnaces are integrated with Siemens qualification and are compatible with Siemens MindSphere. They can communicate in real time with other machines and with the company management, logistics, maintenance and planning. The Fox and ATS 4.0 furnaces put Supertemper to use for tempering fire-resistant glass.

Bringing Product Tracking Into Focus

Among the products Hegla will feature, is a new system for the combined cutting of float and laminated safety glass. The system is designed to shorten cycle times due to new laser cutting technology.

Also from the company is the ES Guard, a system for high-resolution, non-destructive laser marking. Once the unique marking with logo and QR code has been applied by laser printing, it is permanently affixed on the glass surface. Depending on the data administration, production data can then be read out and subsequent processing steps can be initiated with a scanner or mobile phone, according to the company. An identical glass product can be reordered directly at the construction site, a stored fire protection certificate can be called up, or the origin can be clearly clarified in the event of a complaint, especially in large projects with several suppliers.

FeneVision Ultimate

FeneTech has designed the Installation and Service Module (ISM) for customers that offer services beyond production to their end customers. ISM integrates with various existing FeneVision modules (e.g., RMA and Service Wizard), providing functionality to facilitate the scheduling, pricing and costs associated with performing on-site service tasks.

Leading the Way with Lasers

Italcarrelli will feature its Automated Guided Vehicles, which have an inductive and optical guidance system, Laser Guided Vehicles. This smart system can be installed on any machine to turn it into a self-driving vehicle and can achieve high accuracy – even greater than 5 mm in terms of positioning, according to the company. It is a flexible solution and routes can be generated easily, modified or extended, without particular impact on facilities.

A Glaston Bundle

Glaston has introduced digital solutions to its machinery portfolio and plans to showcase those additions at Vitrum. One of its features will be the launch of its first flat tempering line that was developed based on data from its installed machines around the world, according to the company. In addition, the new tempering process Autopilot reduces the operator’s influence and offers process control without parameters, according to Glaston.

Glaston will also highlight flat laminating technology with its ProL full convection laminating technology. According to the company, with the new laminating process Autopilot, the furnace will learn to achieve the most optimal way of running instead of operators having to do adjustments manually.

For insulating glass (IG), the Multi’Arrisser machine provides a high-quality arrissing of straight glass edges. The cup wheels adapt individually to different edge geometries of rectangular and shaped formats, and premium low-E glass can be processed without any coated surface contact, according to the company.

Super Spacer T-Spacer

Super Spacer T-Spacer from Quanex is ideal for high-speed automated production on high-volumes of IG units. Its triple-seal design incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal, enabling unit handling and compatibility with automated production. A polyisobutylene primary seal enables enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapor transmission, and an outer silicone seal provides structural strength and durability.

Smart Tech with Schiatti

Schiatti’s “smart” machines can connect with a network to correlate data and exchange information with other processing machines, resulting in a maximum synchronized production cycle. Straight edgers such as the model SME10, perform polished finishing of the flat edge and variable miter angles on thicknesses ranging from 3 to 30 mm. Aditionally, a turn table for glass loaders/unloaders is developed to improve production cycles. It can be incorporated to existing loaders/unloaders in order to progressively optimize the existing machine.

Polished Edges

ADI’s UHS wheels and routers, for both vertical and horizontal CNC machines, can work with the edge of the glass to maintain the original profile even under heavy stress and high production intensity.

RBM’s new X-510 cerium polishing wheels and RP320, are both engineered with hybrid bonds and can offer maximum transparency and shine, higher precision, durability, speed and minimal waste, according to the company.

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