Jim VanBecelaere

IWR North America, a building enclosure contractor based in St. Louis, has launched its sheet metal fabrication department. The company has also hired Jim VanBecelaere to be the director of sheet metal fabrication and has promoted Sage Lehr to operations manager of sheet metal fabrication.

The sheet metal fabrication department, operated from IWR’s headquarters in St. Louis, will service the sheet metal and fabrication needs of IWR, as well as pursuing local opportunities with select clients. The department will have operational capabilities to perform custom sheet metal fabrication, aluminum composite and plate material systems, roof-edge systems and sheet metal flashings.

“The company’s investment in the sheet metal fabrication department will accelerate our growth plan,” says Todd Staley, president of IWR North America. “To support IWR’s strategic initiatives with this new department, we hired a predominant name in the industry and promoted a long-term employee.”

VanBecelaere brings 49 years’ experience of design, fabrication and installation of architectural metals to the company. Most recently, he was president of a local architectural sheet metal manufacturing and installation company. In his new role, he will be responsible for orchestrating and optimizing the workflow within the department and ensuring operational parameters are aligned with division goals and client needs, according to the company.

Sage Lehr

Lehr, formerly engineering manager at IWR North America, has been with the company for nearly 20 years. He has experience in design, engineering and procurement of architectural and industrial metal building products. As operations manager, he will be responsible for department production including personnel safety and training, equipment function, maintenance and customer service.

“With this additional department and the experienced team members in place, we’re looking forward to greatly improving the solutions and services IWR has to offer to our clients,” says Staley.

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