The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) has hired Jeff Henderson as its director of member services, effective January 1.

Henderson brings with him 20 years of executive-level experience at major companies within the aluminum industry. Over the last ten years, starting with Alcoa, then with Sapa (which purchased Alcoa’s soft alloy business), he held a number of commercial leadership positions within those companies, including sales management, operations management, and eventually, director of marketing and business development for North America. Over the last four years, he has worked closely with the AEC in developing the Industry Promotion program, providing leadership within the Aluminum Extrusion Fair Trade Committee, and participating as a board member.

In his new capacity at AEC, Henderson will continue to support the Aluminum Extrusion Fair Trade Committee and Industry Promotion programs at the AEC.

“This industry faces challenges that require us to continue defending ourselves against unfair and illegal trade practices, while stimulating greater understanding of and new applications for aluminum extrusions,” he says. “Being a full-time staff member at the AEC gives me the opportunity to continue this work.”

Henderson will report to the AEC president, Rand Baldwin. “Having another senior leader in the metals/manufacturing industry on AEC staff represents a big step forward in our ability to serve our industry and our members,” says Baldwin. “This is very good news for AEC members and leaders, as well as for the Council and the aluminum extrusion industry.”