A joint discovery plan and statement of estimated time of trial has been approved for an ongoing case between the plan administrator for Dlubak Corp.’s bankruptcy proceedings and Frank and Ave Maria Dlubak.

In February, Lawrence C. Bolla, the plan administrator, filed a complaint alleging that the debtor in the bankruptcy case made transfers to the Dlubaks for their own personal benefit, “for which the Debtor received no reasonably equivalent value in return,” according to court documents.

The Dlubaks denied allegations in the complaint, and Judge Jeffrey Deller ordered the parties to prepare a joint discovery plan and statement of estimated time of trial. The parties followed through, and Deller approved the plan on March 31.

“Settlement of disputes for the mutual benefit of both parties is encouraged by this Court and the parties should make their best efforts to resolve this matter without litigation,” an order from the judge reads. “Should the parties desire a settlement conference, the parties shall make a written application to the court.”

According to the discovery plan, initial disclosures will be due by June 15, and the parties have until August 31 to complete fact discovery and to file discovery-related motions.

“All aspects of the case need to be pursued in discovery, including but not limited to, the facts and circumstances of the transfers, the actions of the parties and their agents, and the insolvency of the Debtor,” the plan reads. “The parties continue to assess the subjects on which fact discovery may be needed and shall not be deemed to have waived the right to conduct discovery on subjects not listed herein.”

Both parties have until June 15 “to move to join additional defendants, amend the pleadings to add additional claims or defenses, and/or file any other nondispositive motions.”

Names of expert witnesses are due by September 30, and rebuttal reports no later than October 15, according to court documents. All parties must identify and disclose any damages no later than September 30, and all expert witness discovery will be completed by October 31.

Both parties consented to a jury trial if necessary. According to documents, the parties “shall be ready to evaluate this case for settlement purposes on or before October 31” and “request that a continued pre-trial conference be held on this matter by no later than October 31.”

Dlubak initially filed for bankruptcy in August of 2013.

Dlubak Specialty Glass, which is owned by Consolidated Glass Holdings, is not a part of the bankruptcy proceedings or litigation.