Kinestral Technologies Inc. has begun shipping Halio smart-tinting glass from its first large-scale factory located in Miaoli, Taiwan. The first shipments are headed to customers in North America and Europe.

Halio smart-tinting glass looks like natural clear glass until it tints to darker neutral grays to block solar heat and reduce glare – automatically or on demand. Halio is being designed into commercial and residential buildings, in applications ranging from facades to skylights to interior walls and partitions. There are two variants: Halio blocks 98 percent of visible light, while Halio Black blocks 99.9 percent to deliver privacy and eliminate glare.

“How we manufacture Halio is as innovative as the product itself,” says S.B. Cha, CEO of Kinestral Technologies. “By building upon proven methods used in the flat panel display industry, we will achieve similar production yields, enabling us to very quickly have the capacity to fulfill our mission to see Halio in every building and every home around the globe.”