The United States’ only solar glass manufacturer is looking to make things right after getting behind in paying some of its employees.

According to the Times News in Kingsport, Tenn., multiple employees of Kingsport-based Heritage Glass claim they haven’t been paid in almost a week and that some other paychecks have bounced. Four employees have filed wage complaints with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, according to the report.

Thursday, the company issued a statement regarding the matter.

“Unfortunately, like many start-up companies, we have learned we were undercapitalized from the outset,” the statement reads, via “We are aggressively pursuing a lending institution that will partner with us for our continued success.”

According to the release, Heritage Glass’ senior management held meetings this week with its employees to discuss the situation. In the meantime, members of senior management will defer payment of their salaries until all employees are paid.

Last May, Chris Cording and Eric Kerney, along with a few other industry veterans, purchased the former AGC plant, which shut down in November of 2012.

The company was welcomed with open arms from a community standpoint, given its goals in job creation for the area. Heritage sought to employ approximately 120 people once it became fully operational.

According to the Times News, the Kingsport Economic Development Board (KEDB) owns the land—which it purchased for $2.6 million—and Heritage agreed to lease the area for 15 years “in amounts equal to the monthly loan payments.”

Heritage, however, has struggled to keep up with its bills in recent months. Still, it remains committed to getting back on track.

“Heritage Glass is continuing to produce a quality product that is a key component to this country’s renewable energy efforts,” the company’s statement reads. “As the only U.S. manufacturer of solar glass, we are getting great feedback from our customers and the marketplace. We are confident Heritage Glass will make it through this period to continue to build economic growth for the community.”