Klein, an interior frameless sliding glass door systems company, and Nello Wall Systems, a manufacturer and installer of versatile movable wall solutions, are joining forces to provide customers with a single-source solution for creating and installing complete modular frameless glass office environments.

According to the announcement, the collaborative agreement grew out of both companies desire to provide customers with single-source access to everything they need for building high-quality, customized workspaces that emphasize the use of fixed and sliding frameless glass panels.

According to the release, the shared effort will draw upon the complementary strengths of both companies – Klein with its Rollglass® frameless glass sliding door system and Nello with its broad array of movable interior return walls available in a variety of materials, including glass. Marketed by Nello under the brand name Clarity, the new complete service offering provides a customized and integrated combination based on desired design requirements.

“We are excited by our collaboration with Nello and the opportunities it offers to bring additional value to the design community, facilities managers and building owners,” says Paul Witherby, national sales manager at Klein USA. “By combining Klein’s Rollglass interior sliding glass door system with Nello’s broad array of interior walls of any type, configuration or finish, Clarity is a complete all-office solution with limitless design options for creating iconic spaces filled with light, transparency and sophistication.”