Japanese chemical manufacturer Kuraray announced it acquired DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions/Vinyls (GLS/Vinyls), a segment of DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers.

The $543-million acquisition allows Kuraray to expand its technical and operational strength in the areas of technology, R&D, manufacturing and sales network. According to the company, the purchase also offers Kuraray an integrated supply chain, presence in six new markets worldwide and increased availability of resources through DuPont’s strong market penetration.

“These increased capacities allow us to better meet the huge demand of current customers and acquire new ones, ultimately laying the groundwork for Kuraray to advance our goal of transforming into a global and integrated vinyl acetate company,” says Keiji Murakami, president of Kuraray’s Vinyl Acetate Company.

As part of the acquisition, Kuraray America Inc., the U.S. division, will now operate GLS/Vinyls’ locations in Fayetteville, N.C., Washington Works, W. Va., and Wilmington, Del., employing 350 of the 600 former GLS/Vinyls’ employees.