Kuraray issued a statement to clarify confusion between its SentryGlas branding and the use of “SGP.”

Company officials note that some manufacturers have produced and sold interlayers that do not have the same properties as SentryGlas; however, they use the name “SGP” to refer to those interlayers and “benefit from the long-standing quality and reputation associated with the SentryGlas brand and to confuse the marketplace.”

Officials state Kuraray’s abbreviation for SentryGlas is “SG.” The company previously used “SGP” for its SentryGlas Plus product. The “Plus” was removed 12 years ago.

“Unfortunately, the SGP moniker has persisted in the industry, and its use is now causing confusion with authentic SentryGlas products,” say officials. “To avoid confusion, the proper designation ‘SG’ should be used when requesting or referencing authentic SentryGlas interlayers.”