Lavitt Group, a third-generation family-owned company in the business of selling and installing doors and windows for the trade and consumers, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Today, the company is led by Jason and Keith Lavitt, grandsons of the founder, Hal Portnoy. Jason joined the company in 1992 and Keith joined in 1996.

The company has evolved into an installing retailer of premium to luxury door and window products curated from domestic and European manufacturers, according to a press release. Lavitt Group has 11 retail locations in four states with plans to grow. Presently, the company is comprised of Super Enterprises in Melville, N.Y.; Authentic Window Design in Westchester County, N.Y.; Architectural Visions, Inc. in Atlanta and Nashville, Tenn.

“Our business is built around a consultative sale of premium and luxury window products to builders and architects who often represent the most discerning consumers. Our 75-year-old reputation makes us a trusted business partner in the design and construction of extraordinary homes and commercial environments,” says Jason Lavitt.

When the company was founded in 1946 by Portnoy, a decorated World War II veteran, he began selling window screens that he manufactured door to door from a used army truck. Portnoy’s screens sold for $1.50 each through the new Super Sash & Screen Company. The company ultimately consisted of a small retail store that sold a variety of building materials.

Over the next 20 years, the company grew and was renamed Super Millwork Inc., which sold primarily window sash during this time. Arlene Portnoy, Portnoy’s daughter, joined the company and married Sanford (Sandy) Lavitt, who also joined the company.

The company grew from the mid-1980s through 2000 by adding door and window manufacturing capabilities and a national customer base. During this time, Super Millwork became the exclusive lower New York distributor for the national manufacturer Marvin Windows & Doors. As the distribution business grew rapidly, the exclusive Marvin territory footprint expanded to include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Georgia. In 1997, Super Millwork divested its manufacturing operations and became Super Enterprises USA Inc., a hybrid-distribution company.

In 2000, the company’s president, Sandy Lavitt, passed away and Arlene assumed the position of chairman and Jason and Keith became co-presidents. The company’s distribution business continued to grow, and the company diversified into the installing retail business in Atlanta by opening Architectural Visions Inc. The company also acquired Authentic Window Design in Westchester County, N.Y.

Eventually, another branch of Super Enterprises USA Inc. was opened in Nashville, Tenn.

At the end of 2020, Super Enterprises left the distribution business to focus solely on becoming a national installing retailer, and the company changed its name to Lavitt Group, according to the company. In addition to the retail companies listed above Lavitt Group’s Long Island, N.Y.-based retail company is Super Enterprises. Lavitt Group is composed of four installing retail companies and a corporate group based in Melville, N.Y.

“No matter how far away we go we will always come back to the same things that have been foundational to our success. Couple these things with the great Lavitt Group team and we know the results will be spectacular,” says Keith Lavitt.