Roland Rossmann, project leader at Garibaldi Glass, discusses the challenges of fabricating oversized glass.

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Winter Conference 2019 provided members with committee and task group updates, presentations and networking opportunities in Austin, Texas, this week. Oversized glazing challenges and leadership skills were some of the major topics covered at the conference.

Oversized Glass

Roland Rossmann, project leader at Garibaldi Glass, presented on the challenges associated with oversized glazing. He related experiences from his own company’s journey to produce oversized glass lites as the demand and specification of big glass grows.

Deciding to make the large capital investment in a large oven is the first step, but many other considerations follow. A big one is figuring out how to store the large lites in addition to the other substrates and sizes of glass the company offers. The rest of the equipment in the facility also has to be able to handle the large glass sizes.

How to transport, handle and install the glass must also be planned when decided to fabricate large glass.

IGMA Updates

The IGMA board will remain as is until after the IGMA/American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) vote in July. A member webinar will be scheduled to review the current combination plan and to solicit more feedback from members.

IGMA executive director Margaret Webb introduced the bird deterrent glass fund benefitting the American Bird Conservancy (ABC). Donations will fund a second tunnel for testing bird-friendly glazing solutions. The new tunnel will be pilot tested against the existing tunnel. All contributions will go to ABC completely, however donations are not tax deductible. The target goal of the fund is $225,000, the cost required to build a new tunnel. The ABC will keep any funds raised beyond the target amount.

Technical Services

The Technical Services Committee met on Thursday. IGMA vice president Helen Sanders updated members on the edge pressure task group, which is a joint group with AAMA formed to understand the impact of excess edge pressure through the glazing process on the longevity of insulating glass units. Sanders said not much progress has been made because she needs to write a request for proposals.

“The scope is too big for us to do without outsourcing the research,” she said.

Technical bulletin (TB)-1800-18, “Unsupported Edge Conditions of Insulating Glass Units” has been published. It addresses concerns regarding the structural and durability performance of unsupported insulating glass unit edges subject to several variables that influence the unsupported edge condition for insulating glass units

TM-4400-18, “Voluntary Guidelines for IGU Cavity Width Manufacturing Tolerances” has also been published.


Oak Moser with Coaching 2 Connect gives IGMA members tips on how to lead, such as showing employees that they are cared about.

One of IGMA’s initiatives is its Leadership Development Program. Oak Moser with Coaching 2 Connect is the program’s facilitator. He gave a presentation at the conference about some of the topics discussed in the Leadership Development Program.

Moser said people don’t do things because you tell them to; they do them because they’re afraid to let you down. He explained that people:

  • Need to be needed;
  • Need to know they are needed (both on a personal and professional level); and
  • Need to know they helped.

In other words, people need clarity, encouragement and assessment. One way to set up employees for success is to set clear expectations for them, explain why they do the work and how success will be measured.

“A leader scopes the way, goes the way and shows the way,” said Moser.

He also said that relationships move at the speed of trust and that it’s important to show employees that you care about them.

“Managers with highly engaged teams intentionally lead with heart,” he said.

More information about the Leadership Development Program is available on the IGMA website.

The IGMA Summer Conference 2019 will be held June 17-20 at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, B.C., Canada. It will be combined with the AAMA National Summer Conference.