The USGlass team was also on the scene, blogging about their personal and unique takeaways. Here’s a look back at blogs from publisher Debra Levy and editor Ellen Rogers.

Brought to You by the Letter E

“Anyone who has been a kid, or raised kids or grandkids, in the past 50 years knows how the show Sesame Street usually starts. It opens with a Muppet popping up to tell us which letter of the alphabet is sponsoring the program on that particular day. Well, if GlassBuild America 2019 (GBA) had a Grover, Elmo or Big Bird pop up, they would surely say ‘this show is brought to you by the letter E.’” – Debra Levy


… And the Letter P

“Another GlassBuild America wrapped up last week in Atlanta, and it did not disappoint. The show was likely bigger and stronger than ever, with just about everyone I spoke to reporting a positive experience. It definitely kept me busy from start to finish, with so much to see, so many to talk to and so much to report, including stories and video for our USGNN™ daily e-newsletter. I’m taking a cue from USGlass publisher Deb Levy, whose blog was brought to you by the letter E, and bringing you one today that’s brought to you by the letter P.” – Ellen Rogers