Lindsey Parker of Rowe Fenestration was named an “Emerging Professional to Watch” by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).

“Lindsey has consistently looked for ways for Rowe Fenestration to support women in our industry, both internally and externally. Her leadership and thoughtfulness about how we as a company build up the next generation are echoed and supported by our leadership team, through the conscious alignment of our time and our resources with organizations like NAWIC,” says Kendal Rowe, CFO and customer advocate at Rowe Fenestration. “We are proud not only of Lindsey but also to work alongside women in our industry both in Sacramento and at a national level.”

The announcements were made during the annual NAWIC National Conference in August.

“When Lindsey joined the NAWIC Sacramento Chapter last year, our marketing was taken to another level. She is a professional marketer and publicist and has brought her skills to our Chapter with immediate results,” says Agata Krasniewska, president of NAWIC Sacramento.

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