Scott Platta, who founded Linetec in 1983 and served as its first president, has retired after a 40-year career.

Scott Platta
Scott Platta

When Linetec was established, Platta oversaw 20 employees and a new aluminum-coating facility in Wausau, Wis. He has since helped the business grow to 450 employees, as it expanded into a leading provider of paint and anodize finishing services for windows, curtainwall, entrances, hardware and other components, according to the company.

“He was one of the first in the industry who identified the need for fluoropolymer paint,” says Rick Marshall, Linetec’s current president. “It was Scott’s initial vision to have Linetec be more than just a finishing company. He added value by expanding services for its customers. Among his many ideas that we continue to build upon are our on-site field service, our in-house paint blending laboratory and capabilities, our Linetec managed inventory and our Linetec designated route trucks.”

Prior to Linetec, Platta worked for its first customer, Wausau Window and Wall Systems—then known as Wausau Metals. He was later responsible for acquiring the Polywood Shutter painting business, which for many years, was Linetec’s largest customer. He continued to manage Polywood Shutter’s fabrication facility located in Wausau, in partnership with owners Sunburst Shutters of Las Vegas, and served as its liaison with Linetec.

“I started my career as a part-time kid, low man on the ladder, and worked my way up to president,” says Platta. “I was always given the opportunity to improve and advance in the company. Mistakes were tolerated as long as you were focused and your heart was going in the right direction. I feel very fortunate to have worked for a very competent group of managers and associates. Linetec and Apogee Wausau Group is world-class, and a wonderful company to have spent my career.”