sedak installed and is operating what it says is the largest insulating glass (IG) line in the world at its facility in Gersthofen, Bavaria. The 145-meter-long line, built by Lisec, can produce IGs more than 49 by 10½ feet in size and up to 102 mm thick.

Sedak_0088“In this case, the requirements were particularly high: sedak processes elements of up to 15 meters with a running meter weight of up to [992 pounds], and the spacer is applied with an accuracy of 0.5 mm,” says Othmar Sailer, CEO of Lisec. “The positioning of glass sheets to each other here amounts to 1 mm. In order to meet those requirements, we have developed [a unique] concept which is filed in several patents.”

Additionally, Lisec developed a fully automatic removal station for large-format IG elements. It ensures units don’t have to be handled manually until the final secondary sealing material is applied. This enables handling of lites weighing up to 14,881 pounds.

“This success was only made possible due to the combination of our experience in the own glass processing factory and the absolute focus on the customer,” says Sailer.