On February 2, Litex Inc., a manufacturer of architectural window systems based in Rochester Hills, Mich., sent a notice to customers and suppliers explaining the company will cease operations on February 11. The letter states Litex will continue to operate on a scaled-down basis to complete orders on backorder and handle any warranty items.

The letter details some challenges the company has been facing, including aluminum extrusion lead times extending to 48-82 weeks from 4-6 weeks.

“This drastic extension of lead times has had a profound effect on our production capabilities and our ability to retain our workforce,” says Thomas Parsons, president, in the statement.

The letter also says aluminum extrusion base metal prices have increased 65% in the last year, with shortages and rising prices expected to continue this year. Glass, hardware, finishing, sealants and other accessories have increased 10% to 20%, and labor costs have increased 50%. The industry’s ongoing labor shortage is also a factor, according to the statement.

“We greatly appreciate the relationships we have had with you over these many years and we hope that you understand how difficult a decision this has been but, unfortunately, we see no other options,” Parsons says.

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  1. Sorry about the news did a few projects with you Hillsdale Hospital and i did send your windows to Ghana Africa take care and thanks again hell i even have your windows in my shop Tyson has always been helpful

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