The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference on Architecture 2019 will feature products from across all disciplines of building and design. Glass and metal companies are hoping to stand out this year as the event heads to Las Vegas. From frameless shower enclosures to colorful metal panels, the glass industry is pushing the limits of aesthetics and performance with the latest innovations. Architects can visit these companies and many more on the expo floor from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 6 and Friday, June 7.


Booth #8309 — Seeing the Light

AGC Glass Co. North America’s Solarshield Majestic Grey is a light grey tinted float glass with a high light transmittance. AGC developed it in response to continued architectural demand for a light grey, neutral and tinted glass with a high visible light transmittance. Majestic Grey offers a visible light transmittance of 65%, is available as a monolithic lite for use in laminated, tempered, heat-strengthened and bent configurations, or as part of an insulating glass unit. It also can be coated with an AGC Energy Select low-E coating. Majestic Grey can be specified in 1/4-inch (6mm) and 5/16-inch (8mm) thicknesses.

Booth #6907 — Going to the Birds

For designers seeking high performance, aesthetically-pleasing glass products that also help preserve the planet, Guardian Glass will feature its Guardian Bird1st UV coated glass. Bird1st UV coated glass can be combined with Guardian SunGuard coated glass products to provide a neutral appearance and the desired performance, along with bird safety for new construction and retrofits. The product works with laminated glass to break up the reflectivity, making the UV vertical stripes visible to birds, but subtle to the human eye.

Bird1st UV coated glass joins Guardian SunGuard coated glass products combined with frit patterns that also help mitigate bird collisions. All products have been tested effective by the American Bird Conservancy. Guardian will also feature a unique application of its Vacuum IG units and its full roster of high performance SunGuard coated glass products and services, as well as InGlass interior coated glass products.

Also during the conference, Jacob Kasbrick, Guardian Glass’ regional architectural manager for the western area of the United States and Canada, will present the continuing education course, “Making Glass Come to Life —The Principles of Glass Selection,” Thursday, June 6 from 2-3 p.m. in CE Theater B, Booth #8545.

Booth #7710 – Glazing with a Purpose

Walker will feature its line of bird-friendly glass products, as well as its
line of EPD -certified acid-etched glass and mirror products.

Included in the display will be the company’s expanded line of AviProtek
bird-friendly glass solutions. According to the company, city and municipal ordinances throughout North America are mandating bird-friendly glass due to the needless deaths of hundreds of millions of birds each year.

One of the offerings, AviProtek E, features visual markers on the first surface with high-performance low-E coatings from Vitro on the second for energy performance.

In addition, Walker has also published third-party-verified environmental product declarations on acid-etched glass, acid-etched mirror and un-etched mirror.

Decorative glass

Booth #7908 — Maximizing Light

Sensitile Systems will showcase products that are designed to emit, transpose, reflect and refract light. The company is also dedicated to sustainable practices and recently received EPD and HPD certifications for all of its materials. Utilizing glass, resin, and terrazzo substrates, Sensitile products manipulate light to maximize lighting in a space. Its laminated glass products are fire-rated and qualify as a safety glazing product.


Booth #4525LL — A Teachable Moment

During the 2019 AIA Conference on Architecture, Kawneer will focus on education, holding expo education sessions in its learning lounge, located in Booth #4525LL. The sessions, “Designing Innovative Façades for Healthcare” and “Designing High Performance Office/Multifamily Façades Using Innovative Modular Solutions,” will be held throughout the day Thursday, June 6 and Friday, June 7. These sessions will offer audiences market-specific solutions to varying design challenges.

Booth #9340 — Bird-Friendly Advocacy

Vitro Architectural Glass’ exhibit space this year will be devoted to the promotion of American Bird Conservancy’s (ABC) bird collision awareness. The company hopes to further distribute ABC’s “bird friendly building design” guide to architects.

According to Robert Struble, brand and communications manager at Vitro, the company’s interest in bird-friendly design is three-fold. The company’s research and development facility is adjacent to Springdale, Pa., the birthplace of conservationist Rachel Carson. Vitro’s Technical Services department (PPG at the time) participated in an ABC study at the Powdermill Nature Reserve several years ago, just as the concept of bird glass was emerging. The company also has been a long-standing partner with Walker and its Avi-Protek product. The company’s 2018 partnership with the National Aviary has also continued to pull Vitro in this direction.

“… Our interest is to help architects create buildings in harmony with nature. I can’t help but to think of the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, who did notable work in the Pittsburgh area, who said ‘Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.’ The connection to nature and the surrounding environment is what makes glass such a
unique and useful building material. In my view, it’s why we’re here,” says Struble.

Shower Enclosures

Booth #6329 — Envisioning a Clear Space

C.R. Laurence will exhibit its Clear Space Elliptical frameless shower door
concept. Visitors to Booth #6329 will get a chance to see in person how this new type of shower door utilizes a top door guide that folds the door as it opens in like an accordion and swings inward to maximize usable floor space.

Clear Space has a 1¼-inch tall top doorguide that automatically folds away from the opening and stacks parallel to the sidewall to produce a completely unobstructed entryway. Clear Space also has the ability to reduce door outswing projection—the company approximates it to be a 45% reduction compared to a standard hinged shower door—which gives architects and designers greater flexibility when laying out other bathroom elements. Two elliptical doors can be specified to create a shower entrance up to 72 inches wide to improve accessibility.

The company is also bringing its Entice Entrance System, which merges all-glass aesthetics with full-frame thermal performance. Vertical stiles of 1-1/8 inches create nearly uninterrupted glass spans nestled in thermally broken framing and cladding that C.R. Laurence says creates U-factors as low as 0.43

Entice is also designed to support handle hardware—including tubular panic devices—on 1-inch insulating glass units using proprietary, through-glass fittings for a floating-on-air visual. The system is capable of handling emergency exit hardware loads during the UL emergency exit test.

Glass Railings

Booth #3925 — Taking Flight

Viewrail Flight is a complete floating stair system comprised of steel stringers for strength and support, thick wood treads for a modern look and a glass railing that makes the stairway appear to float in space. According to the company, the stairs can be built in any configuration, including straight runs, 90-degree turns and switchbacks. Wood treads are available in thicknesses up to 4 inches, in more than 20 species and with a selection of stain options. Glass railing options include standoff pins, talon spigots and surface- or side-mount posts. For horizontal railing runs, a base rail option is available.


Booth #6016 — Presenting: Auburn in E+ Major

Major Industries will be highlighting its new Auburn E+ glass skylight system. Auburn E+ is the next step in the company’s existing skylight line, and features a number of performance improvements, including a new thermal cap and a modern flush-glazed design. Low-E glass and insulating flashing are also available.

According to the company, it has improved its products by integrating new technology that it says helps isolate the outside environment from a building’s occupants. The new system is tested to ASTM E283/330/331 standards, and features high-performance glass options, multiple finish options and numerous design configurations to provide architects choices for design freedom.

Architectural metals

Booth #6416 — Metal in All Colors

Petersen Aluminum is highlighting three of its products at the show, including its Precision Series Highline S1 architectural wall panels, which the company says provide design flexibility by combining bold visual effects with easy, cost-effective installation. The Highline S1 profile is 1-3/8 inch deep, and can be paired with six other profiles in the Highline Series. The panels can be installed horizontally or vertically, and can also be specified as perforated in aluminum only for use in equipment screen applications or over graphics.

Petersen will also show its Snap-Clad panels that are leveled to provide flatness. These panels feature an optional factory-applied sealant bead for improved weather resistance. They are manufactured in a labor-saving, one-piece design, according to the company. Snap-Clad panels feature a 1-3/4-inch leg height and a continuous interlock for improved structural performance and wind resistance. A concealed-fastener clip system allows for thermal expansion/contraction while providing hold-down strength.

Snap-Clad panels are available in Petersen’s full color line in 45 standard colors that include a 30-year finish warranty.

Lastly, architects at AIA can expect to see the Precision Series Tiles collection, which includes four metal tile profiles that offer an alternative to roll-formed panel-style cladding. The stamped tiles can be applied to roof or wall installations, and are offered in four styles, including flat, cupped, diamond and TS. The tiles can be applied to either non-residential or residential environments, and are covered by the PAC-CLAD 30-year finish warranty. The metal tiles are available in a full 70% PVDF finish (Kynar) in 45 standard colors, 12 colorsin LIC stainless and Zalmag.

Booth #4845 — Putting on the MapeSpan

Mapes Industries will display its MapeSpan architectural panels, the company’s solution for storefront and curtainwall applications. The single-source panels feature spandrel glass with ceramic frit on the number two surface as the exterior component. Coupled with an insulating core and a customizable interior, MapeSpan panels can be used by architects,
contractors and installers to maintain the aesthetics of a glass exterior with higher R-values and a lower total cost than insulating glass units that are often used in similar applications.

The company encourages glaziers and architects to consider MapeSpan as a cost-effective alternative to using insulated backpans behind glass in spandrel areas.

Thermal Barriers

Booth #5238 — The Thermal Option

Azon will display an optimized performance window featuring the Azo-Core, a high-density foam thermal barrier by Azon. The thermal barrier material has low conductivity, and paired with an expanded polyurethane core, it allows commercial glazing to meet stringent global energy standards, according to the company. Azo-Core can achieve a U-value of 0.25 in windows with insulating glass comprised of two low-E coatings, and even lower with triple glazing, through simulated testing.


Booth #4507 — Between the Glass

Intigral will showcase custom manufactured blinds housed between the glass. The company offers custom blinds between the glass for both residential windows and commercial applications. The products range from tilt-only venetian blinds to fully motorized roller shades. Intigral is the only authorized ScreenLine manufacturer in the U.S., and manufactures the entire compliment of products at its facility in Twinsburg, Ohio, according to the company. ScreenLine integrated blind models include Venetian, pleated and roller blinds in six blind control systems and 48 color combinations.

Architectural Metals

Booth #6325 — Helping You Formawall

Centria’s flagship line of insulating metal panels, the Formawall High Performance Building Envelope System, combines design freedom with performance. All Formawall products include a standard halogen-free foam core, enabling architects to create a more sustainable building environment, while improving the product’s fire performance, according to the company. Centria’s Formavue windows are engineered and built as a fully integrated component of the Formawall system. They feature aluminum framing that incorporates a complete thermal break, integral head and sill joinery for what the company calls seamless pairing with Formawall panels.

Fire-Rated Glass

Booth #7413 — A Clear 45 Minutes

SuperClear 45eHS’Ll from Safti First is a clear fireerated glazing produc that meets all fire, hose stream and impact safety requirements for 45-mir ute doors, sidelites, transoms and openings. It is available in large sizes ani can be used in interior and exterior applications including energy-efficien make-ups. SuperClear 45-HS-Ll is UL and lntertek listed.

Booth #4328 – Arnold Glas Brings a New View

Arnold Glas has several products it will be highlighting, including Ornilux bird protection glass. The company has worked to expand Ornilux, both literally and figuratively, to meet the design needs of the market. Later this year, Ornilux will be available in sizes up to 126- by 472-inches (3.21m x 12m). Previously it was only available up to 102- by 197-inches (2.6m x 5m).

The company also will feature animations and mock-ups demonstrating its “Design Your Coating” service. Customized low-E coatings offer the ability to customize the performance
and color of glass as well as designing a single IGU as a graded/blended coating.

In addition, the company will have a video of the Topview StrainScanner in its booth. The Topview StrainScanner was created to measure the amount of anisotropy on glass during production, and provides the ability to make adjustments during the tempering process that can eliminate this issue.

The company will also bring new decorative glass options such as decochrome, a chrome mirror coating that offers new decorative glass options, such as coating patterns that can be custom designed.

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