Randy Beard

Randy Beard, longtime general manager and chief financial officer of Crawford-Tracey Corp., will be retiring in December 2019. Beard joined the company in 2005 and has played a leadership role in Crawford-Tracey’s success and tremendous growth over the last 14 years, according to the company.

As general manager, Beard has helped lead the company through some significant milestones and secure some of the company’s most significant commercial projects, according to a company statement.

“One of the most important developments in the past decade was the shift toward a more streamlined statewide building code,” says Beard. “When the Miami-Dade codes were integrated into statewide codes via the HVHZ, it simplified the way we did business. Product approvals were simplified, and in the long run, this helped our customers as well.”

Beard was also instrumental in Crawford-Tracey’s plant expansion in 2018, which doubled the existing space and capacity.

“We were incredibly lucky to have an adjacent roofing company plant space suddenly become available,” he says. “The Crawford family has always been financially conservative and we had the resources to take advantage of the opportunity to significantly increase our capacity. It’s paid off for us in many ways.”

Beard also helped lead the company through the 2007-2008 recession.

“Many of our competitors went out of business at that time, but we were able to keep our workforce in place,” he says. “We had them spend their time preparing for an upturn in economy, and the strategy paid off. When things improved, we were ready with key staff in place.”

Beard foresees trends in the industry that could become mainstream.

“We’re seeing a shift toward modular building products. This could help cut costs on the jobsite and ensure controlled factory-built quality,” says Beard, adding that another trend is flood barriers. “With recent hurricanes causing so much flooding, the industry is searching for ways to improve flood barrier systems that are in place around-the-clock. Flood-resistant storefront panels could be one solution. Crawford-Tracey, known for its extremely high-water rating of 100 psf, has already been approached by customers interested in this idea.”

Beard and his wife, an avid photographer, plan to retire to Jacksonville Beach, Fla., to be with friends and family. He plans to do volunteer work, boat, fish and enjoy nature.

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