Azon is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The Kalamazoo, Mich.-based company offers machinery, thermal barrier chemicals, quality control and service programs to extruders and window manufacturers.

Nancy Peterson, Azon’s director of market communications, tells™ about some of the changes the company has experienced since it first opened.

Jim and Ruth Dunstan are the founders of Azon, which is celebrating 40 years of business this year. Photo Credit: Azon

“Azon got its start as a service and supply business for thermal barrier equipment in the winter of 1977 in a proverbial alley garage in Kalamazoo, Mich. The founders, Jim and Ruth Dunstan shared a tiny office that only allowed for a sheet of plywood supported by two-55 gallon drums for a desk,” says Peterson. “Some of our very first machinery sales were to the Netherlands and United Kingdom in the 1980s. Communication back than was mostly by Telex (a forerunner to the fax machine). Now, Azon is an international company with multiple facilities located in Wales, Korea and China. Communication now is often through video conferencing using smart phones.”

According to Peterson, the company’s biggest area of growth in the past 40 years has been in meeting window manufacturers’ demand for thermal barrier equipment and polymers.

“Our motto from the very beginning is ‘Azon Saves Energy’ and we feel satisfaction knowing was can pass on that legacy with newer technologies to new generations of employees who will be joining us,” says Petersen.

Azon’s greatest achievement, according to Peterson, is contributing to careers of the people in the company and making a difference in their prosperity. Being interconnected in the communities where Azon employees live and work is another point of pride.

As Azon looks forward to the next 40 years, company leadership is compelled to continually improve thermal barrier technology by making advances to its machinery and design capabilities.

“As an established company, we are passionate about seeking new talent to add to our workforce. Expecting the health of the company to be tied to the people in our workforce ensures that Azon will continue on its vibrant course. We realized 40 years ago that the partnerships with our customers—bringing their ideas to life—was key to our business success then, and for the next 40 years and beyond,” says Peterson.