Luso Glass Co. recently purchased a glass tempering furnace and a glass washing machine from Xinglass, Hangzhou Glass Technology Co. Ltd. The two companies have worked together and successfully installed the machines at Luso’s facility in Newark, N.J.

In August 2020, Luso Glass requested support from Xinglass for the machine installation, but strict air travel restrictions on international flights made travel from China to the U.S. difficult.

“We deeply understand that our customers should always be the top priority than anything else,” said Zhenghong Zhu, CEO of Xinglass, “We must make sure that our customers get direct support from our U.S. office during this COVID-19 pandemic.”

Xinglass ended up assigning the professionals of their branch office, Xinglass America in Virginia, to provide support. The appointed service engineers prepared everything and headed to New Jersey without any hesitation, according to the company. The assigned engineers always kept in touch with the professionals in China and the customers in New Jersey to ensure everyone was on the same page.

“In the beginning installing the furnace ourselves was not even a thought, but with the help and support of Xinglass it was made possible,” said Mandeep Singh, CEO of Luso Glass. “Xinglass associates were available both virtually and physically to assist throughout the process.”

“We have developed new technologies and work methods, which make the installation of glass tempering furnaces easier and faster for customers,” added Zhenghong. “Now customers can install tempering furnaces by themselves, with necessary assistance from our U.S. teams.”