Mappi has closed a deal for an ATS 4.0 Series 2500 x 5000 mm tempering furnace with Abbas Glass Group, a service provider for aluminum and glass works, glass tempering, edge work and insulating glass based in Dubai. . The machine will be delivered by Mappi to the customer toward the end of summer 2018.

The ATS 4.0 is equipped with the latest GHBS Extreme convection and will help Abbas Glass Group handle large orders. Thanks to the use of coordinated systems, the furnace minimizes the time between tempering cycles without losing time for the adjustment of the operating temperatures, according to the announcement.

Glass defects are reset by computer management of the mechanical movement. The heating and air temperatures for tempering are supported by the use of engines and high-quality materials.

The order is valued at approximately $1.2 million (EUR 1 million). Mappi closed 2017 with its highest turnover, and expects to exceed that this year during its 25th anniversary.