Mappi opened its doors to high school students last month, as part of PMI Day 2021, a Confindustria initiative (the Italian Association of Industrialists), now in its 12th edition.

This year, the students came from Teodosio Rossi Institute in Priverno. Accompanied by their teachers, they met Mappi’s staff to learn about the different design and production phases of complex and refined machines, such as Mappi’s tempering ovens.

“This is one of the reasons why we constantly project ourselves into the future,” said Nancy Mammaro, CEO. “Mappi is a company that has always invested in young people, innovation, in professionalism. We are happy to have participated to PMI Day 2021 and we are ready to welcome the 2022 edition as well. Our commitment in favor of young talents is constant. [For] 365 days a year, we are committed [to] offering opportunities, developing specialist skills, cultivating the right mix between innovative capacity of the youngest and consolidated experience of those who have been with us for a long time. And the results prove that we are right.”