Energy Saving Glass in the U.K. has purchased a Mappi ATS Eco 4.0 Furnace.

Mappi has sold furnaces to two different European companies. Energy Saving Glass in the U.K. has purchased a Mappi ATS Eco 4.0 Furnace, and Italian company Cristalcasa has purchased a Fox Eco Convection furnace.

“The demand for [tempered] glass has grown and grown to be a staple of what we do. The investment in the furnace, arriser and washer give us control of supply in terms of both quality and cost,” says Energy Saving Glass director Alex Walker. “We chose the ATS 4.0 because it was developed to offer reduced cycle times and increased productivity and efficiency, through a series of exclusive innovations.”

Cristalcasa was founded in 1978 by Salvatore Rotundo. The company now uses a Mappi Fox tempering furnace.

“The ease of use of the Fox is truly amazing for such a complex and versatile machine. Thanks to this furnace, we have been able to expand the range of products we offer and respond more effectively to customer requests,” says Giorgio Rotundo. The machine is extremely reactive, and Mappi is equally responsive in its ability to respond to every minimum need. I would certainly recommend them to those who asked me for an opinion, indeed, I hope to be able to buy a second oven myself, sooner or later.”