The North American Contractor Certification (NACC) Program for glazing contractors is now referenced in MasterSpec’s updated Section 8 specifications. MasterSpec, an architectural specification system, includes NACC certification of a glazing contractor as a requirement for “installer qualifications” within the sub-section titled “Quality Assurance.”

The NACC program is the glazing industry’s only independent, third-party, ANSI accredited certification program. NACC offers an endorsement of companies having completed a significant and time-intensive evaluation process establishing a baseline for quality and safety excellence, business practices and adherence to industry-accepted guidelines, according to the organization.

“The glazing industry has long recognized the need for a means to pre-qualify a glazing contractor,” says Jeff Dalaba, the NACC Program’s general manager, “and NACC provides the tool to distinguish a glazing contractor who meets heightened standards set by a cross-section of construction stakeholders.”

The NACC program began four years ago and now includes over 25 glazing contractors having met the certification requirements from coast to coast and Canada. Currently there are over 15 companies in the application process.

“Inclusion in MasterSpec is a milestone for the program,” says Ben Beeler, the program’s technical manager. “It means the industry has accepted NACC as an objective determination of a glazing contractor’s ability to consistently deliver high quality.”

In Addition to NACC, the updated MasterSpec specification also references the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (AGMT) certification program, a personnel certification process that assesses a glazing technician’s fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities through written and hands-on testing.