McGrory Glass in Paulsboro, N.J., is now operating in a new 76,000-square-foot facility focused on fabricating fire-rated and security glass, glazing and assembly systems. The new addition joins the company’s existing operations spanning a total of nearly a quarter-million square feet. Jim Gulnick, vice president and director of operations, calls the development a natural progression for the company.

Gulnick says McGrory has been in the fire-rated business for decades. Historically, the company worked with another fire-rated company promoting and selling their products. As McGrory grew, however, the company realized it was capable of more.

McGrory Glass’ new 76,000-square foot facility.

“We’ve already been selling in the industry for years, but we were doing it on behalf of various suppliers,” Gulnick says. “As we found more and more architects looking for alternatives, and because our processing capabilities kept growing, it [this expansion] was the next step.”

The facility was purchased in 2020 and designed with efficiency in mind, meaning materials move linearly from stage to stage. The original facility, in place since 2007, accommodated the company’s growth for a time but the new space was designed with additional capabilities in mind. Also included during the construction was an in-ground, closed-loop recirculating filtration system. Since the effort began during the COVID-19 pandemic, McGrory was able to keep its staff intact by embarking on the labor-intensive project.

The new facility streamlines processes while also expanding the company’s offerings.

“You don’t want to move materials 100 feet if you only need to move them 5 feet,” Gulnick says. “The building and flow is designed for that.”

“Our new technologically advanced facility allows us to bring the entire fire-rated glazing and framing production process in-house,” says Gary McGrory, chief operations officer, in a news release. “We can offer our customers a complete, one-stop solution. Many architectural projects, for schools, healthcare facilities and offices, require glazing that’s both fire-rated and security tested. Now, we can create custom glazing and assemblies to meet these needs. And since our team does almost all the fabrication in one building, we are able to drastically cut down on lead times.”

Previously, materials moved from supplier to supplier before reaching the final destination. That expanded lead times as materials changed hands multiple times.

“Now that we deal directly with fire-rated suppliers, we are bringing in and stocking their products in- house,” Gulnick says. “So it’s direct from the supplier, fabricated and shipped to us. We’re stocking materials direct at higher volumes because now we have the ability to sell to all of North America.”

In addition to the new facility and capabilities, McGrory has specialists in material processing, heat processing, interlayers, laminating and more.

“People, processing and partners all have to go hand in hand,” Gulnick says. “We’ve brought on very good people with experience in the industry to bring us to the next level.”