By summer 2019, Messe Düsseldorf will build a new multi-functional hall with conference facilities and a fully glazed new south entrance complete with a translucent, LED-lit canopy roof and adjacent underground parking. The investment in this new complex totals $172 million (EUR 140 million).

“With the start of construction we have taken an important step towards the complete modernization and renovation of our premises at our home base; and we continue adapting the exhibition center to our customers’ demands and requirements thereby increasing our service excellence even further. And as always this is done without any subsidies,” says Werner Dornscheidt, president and CEO.

By 2030 Messe Düsseldorf will invest a total of some $783 million (EUR 636) million in its premises.

“With this move Messe Düsseldorf secures its position as one of the leading trade fair companies worldwide and as the most profitable trade fair organizer with its own venue in Europe. Messe Düsseldorf is a key economic factor for Düsseldorf – investment in its future benefits the whole region,” says Düsseldorf Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel.

Facing the City in a New Way

The new south entrance will give Messe Düsseldorf a contemporary presence directly on the banks of the Rhine River with a view towards Düsseldorf. Trade fair visitors and convention delegates will be welcomed by a new illuminated and translucent awning, 83,950 square feet in size and about 65 feet high.

“The awning gives the Düsseldorf exhibition center a new face and a distinctive address in a unique position between the Rhine and the Nordpark. At the same time it integrates the existing convention center, CCD, ensuring a sensitive approach to existing structures,” says Jurek Slapa, managing partner at sop architekten.

With its length of 558 feet and a width of 305 feet, it will offer plenty of space for trade fair visitors and convention delegates before they reach the exhibition or convention center.

The south entrance will be open toward the forecourt across a completely glazed front, 305 feet in length. More than 6,560 square feet of space will accommodate all the necessary services, such as cashiers and coat checks. The first floor will have a glass-enclosed meeting room protruding into the foyer. Moreover, the entire foyer can be used for events. The forecourt will provide access to an underground parking garage with 300 spaces as well as bus and taxi stops.

The scope of the renovation will also include a newly built hall one. After interpack 2017, halls one and two were demolished and work on the new hall started. This new building will be ready for use in autumn 2019. It will be accessible via seven gates, and will allow suspensions from the ceiling and also the supply to the stands from the hall floor. For visitors, the hall is connected to the CCD South via a bridge on the first floor. In addition to being connected to halls three and four, a special route will lead from the south entrance directly to the rest of the fairgrounds.