Metalcon 2020 has postponed its 2020 show until October 6-8, 2021 in Tampa, Fla.

“Due to the ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic and mandates established by the state of Nevada, Metalcon 2020 cannot take place as planned for this October,” says Frank Stasiowski, CEO of PSMJ Resources and Metalcon.  “To their credit, Las Vegas and the State of Nevada have done everything they can to try to get us to open up in October and have our convention there. They work with dozens of other meetings and tradeshows trying to do the same, but this virus is relentless and is really working against all of us, including the State of Nevada and the great people at the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority.”

While it is difficult to replace a live, person-to-person event, the Metalcon team is focused on developing new programming and essential training to help attendees take their businesses to the next level, according to event organizers.

Metalcon has announced three new initiatives:

  1. The Metalcon Safety Certificate Program is for both supervisors and foremen in the metal construction industry, leading to an annual credential, to improve project safety.
  2. The Metalcon Business Development Program features education and training in all aspects of business from the technical to business to sales, to enhance business via a series of virtual seminars leading to a certificate awarded at Metalcon 2021.
  3. Metalcon Live! New Industry Briefs will feature industry leaders who will provide up-to-date information on what is happening in today’s marketplace.

“The good news in this industry, in particular, is 90% of you are busier today in 2020 than you’ve been in decades,” says Stasiowski. “We are more profitable as a result of being forced into this virtual environment—working from home, not traveling and not spending overhead dollars. All signs point to greater investment in infrastructure and the ability of cash to grow projects. We see investment going on in new steel plants right here in America. All of this points to an uptick in business in 2021, and we are going to be here to help you.”

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