MI Windows and Doors has partnered with Rheo, an industrial artificial intelligence (AI) platform company, to incorporate artificial intelligence that will help reduce manufacturing bottlenecks and improve throughput, according to the company. Rheo’s AI platform utilizes specialized equipment to observe processes and aids staff in driving operational improvements.

“Rheo allows us to identify inefficiencies, address their root causes and quickly improve our performance,” says JR Minnich, general manager at MI’s Flower Mound, Texas, manufacturing facility, where the company first deployed the Rheo platform.

“The Rheo Platform continuously monitors operational performance, freeing the operations team of the need to collect and analyze data,” adds Prashanth Iyengar, CEO of Rheo. “In addition, the platform alleviates the burden of data overload and only provides the pertinent information to the operations team, optimizing the value of the data and thereby improving employee engagement.”

“Rheo’s technology is economical to deploy, easy to use, and empowers our team with actionable information,” says MI COO Mike DeSoto. “We see both short-term and on-going benefits in safety, quality and productivity and we are excited to further this partnership.”