Tom Minnon and Patrick Hill were the Week 11 winners of the USGlass magazine Pro Football Pick’em Challenge.

Minnon is Tubelite’s architectural specification manager and a fan of the New England Patriots. He picked 10 of 14 games correctly in a week of parity in the NFL. Tubelite is an architectural aluminum manufacturer of pre-engineered aluminum storefront, framing, curtainwall and entrance systems.

Hill also picked 10 games correctly and went into a three-way tiebreaker with Minnon and Tom Darigo of APG. Both Hill and Minnon picked 47 points for the Monday night tiebreaker, which was four off the total of 51.

Hill’s victory comes less than three weeks after he opened his new business,® of Illinois, in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst. With 22 years in the industry, Hill had the new business idea last summer but acted on it in early October of this year.

After doing a lot of new construction work in the past, he says® of Illinois does “smaller, service-type work” such as glass door repairs and mirrors.

According to Hill, there’s work to be had, and he certainly has the experience for the job. So how about any challenges so far (aside from the recent plight of his beloved sub-.500 Chicago Bears)?

“The hardest part is getting the phone line, computer line, office equipment and desk in—those kinds of things,” he says. “But it’s moving along.”

Remember to make your picks for the upcoming week here, and with five weeks left, there is still room for new signups!