The Los Angeles International Airport is undergoing modernization upgrades before the 2028 Summer Olympic Games. The renovation includes the addition of platform screen glass door systems from Horton Automatics. The glass for the project was provided by Tecnoglass.

Horton and contracting partner Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems installed 113 door systems to ensure travel on the airport’s Automated People Mover (APM) system is convenient and secure. The APM is an electric train system on a 2.25-mile elevated guideway with six stations between the rental car facility and the central terminal area.

The platform screen doors were integrated with APM gate systems to “provide a synchronized, automated barrier between platforms and tracks,” says vice president of transit Fred Romero. “These doors improve safety for passengers by preventing objects or people from falling onto train tracks, protect against wind or debris entering railway vehicle compartments, reduce noise pollution and ensure temperature control inside APM vehicles.”