Thomas Moore of Glass Expert Services and Richard Voreis of Consulting Collaborative have formed a strategic alliance serving the glass and fenestration industry.

Both serve architects, general contractors, subcontractors and building product manufacturers, but in different and complimentary ways, according to a release issued by the two.

Moore has more than three decades of advising members of the building construction team on matters of concern in ways that will prevent or resolve problems in the design, construction and functioning of buildings utilizing in-house and field service consultation. His expertise is in the building envelope including glass, curtainwalls, windows, entrances and related products as well as all-glass doors/frames and hardware market segments.

Voreis also has more than three decades of management and strategic planning experience in the glass and fenestration industry. The firm’s staff has extensive executive expertise in management, marketing, sales, advertising, marketing communications and related functions with a focus on industry “best practices” that are continually being updated.