Healthy backlogs, market and cost stability as well as supply chain improvements are just some reasons why contract glaziers are optimistic about the year ahead. 2022 was a solid, strong year for most of the nation’s top contract glaziers. Many of the companiesreporting for this year’s USGlass magazine listing of the Top 50 contract glaziers continue to show sales increases, though there were a few notable dips.

Companies still have some concerns despite the positives. Not surprisingly, the biggest worry for the year ahead is a lack of skilled labor. Schedule delays, and overall concerns about the economy and a possible recession are also troubling.

As in years past, there was some fluctuation among the top five companies, including a new addition. Permasteelisa North America took the No. 1 spot with 2022 sales of $403 million compared to $295 million last year. This moved Harmon to No. 2 with sales of $340.8 million, which is also what the company reported last year. Enclos remained in the No. 3 position, while Elicc bumped up from No. 5 to No. 4 with sales of $247 million compared to $221.5 million. Reflection Window + Wall was the top five new addition, reporting sales of $240 million.

There were also some ups and downs in sales across the entire list. Crown Corr moved into No. 6 from No. 8 with sales of $203 million compared to $170.7 million. Massesy’sPlate Glass remained in 13th place, but saw sales jump from $101 million to $125 million. Another big mover was Seele.

The company’s U.S. operations jumped from No. 47 to No. 28 with sales of $63.6 million compared to $23.5 million. The information in this section was provided toUSGlass by the companies included here. Backlog is listed only when provided by the companies. Those companies marked with an * are estimated based on data and field reports from Key Media & Research.




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