The North American Contractor Certification (NACC) program added three contractors at the beginning of 2016. Ten companies have been certified in less than a year, and several more are currently working through the process.

“We are quite pleased with the way 2016 has started for us,” says Jeff Dalaba, program manager of NACC. “This is a program that is being embraced by the architectural community, and savvy glazing contractors are seeing the massive benefit of our process.”

Among the latest to be certified were Architectural Glass & Aluminum, A&A Window Products and Synergy Glass and Door Service.

The program evaluates the organization of the contractor, including company business practices, safety, quality management systems, contract administrative processes and glazing processes. It includes annual onsite assessments of the participating contractors, providing end-user assurance of compliance with program requirements.

“Having an outside set of eyes looking critically at our internal systems was a great exercise,” says Lee Sullivan, president of A&A. “It helped us improve and tweak some of our procedures for the better. … The management gains a better understanding on what industry best practices are and how to implement if we are not fully utilizing them.”

The NACC program requirements were developed by a certification board of architectural glass industry experts including five glazing contractors and five end user community board members. Future development for the program is an open process that allows input to the board from participants and industry stakeholders through annual meetings, according to the program’s organizers.

NACC is operated by AMS Inc. and is accredited by ANSI under requirements of ISO/IEC 17065.