The North American Contractor Certification Program (NACC) has announced the upcoming premiere of a documentary featuring its efforts to bring certification to the glazing industry. The documentary, “The Quest for Quality,” also will highlight projects completed by NACC-certified companies. It was produced by the Drexel University Construction Management program. This video will debut online on February 18, 2021 at 6 p.m. Eastern.

“The Quest for Quality” investigates the glazing industry’s attention to quality and takes a deep dive into the NACC Certification program. With a focus on the Comcast Tower in Philadelphia that featured significant glazing work from NACC-certified company Eureka Metal & Glass, the film connects how NACC certification can directly impact glazing installations. There also will be interviews of several NACC-certified glazing contractors from the Philadelphia area discussing various aspects of quality and certification and footage from Guardian Glass at one of its float facilities.

This documentary was a collaboration between Drexel and the Architectural Glass Institute (AGI) and is the second in a series developed to educate students about the influence of construction on the built environment and how the work shapes communities. Stephanie Staub of the AGI played a major role in facilitating this production along with the cooperation of many NACC certified companies and organization board members.

The premiere event will be 90 minutes in total, including the planned 30-minute run time of the documentary. This event is open to the glass and glazing industry. Click here to reserve a spot at the premiere.