The North American Contractor Certification Program (NACC) recently held its second annual meeting in Orlando. According to the organization, it brought together industry experts from the architectural glass and metal industry to discuss certification and initiatives to benefit the quality of building envelope and interior glass installations.

“It is exciting to be part of an initiative that is focused on the facade contractors taking the right steps to provide high quality building enclosures on each and every building project that they work on,” says Mark Coulis, vice president and senior design consultant for Wheaton and Sprague Engineering. “It is known that facade cladding failures are a leading cause of building construction problems, and this ANSI accredited contractor certification program could significantly reduce those occurrences, while also improving the overall quality of the installed facades.”

The program seeks to identify contractors that have implemented industry-accepted best practices for their organization. A key element of this effort includes a comprehensive quality management system to provide the best possible results for each project.

“As someone who supplies into the glazing market with products that require a high degree of quality control in application, certification provides reassurance that a glazing company is serious about establishing a robust quality program,” says Jon Kimberlain, senior application specialist for Dow Corning. “Frankly, it should make my role easier if the glazier has gone through the effort to gain certification through NACC by indicating a focus on documenting and complying with processes to ensure quality.”

The NACC program launched industry wide in 2015 and currently covers 15 certified contractors across North America.

“It is truly rewarding to be associated with such industry leadership as has been displayed by the NACC board and participants,” says John Kent, President of AMS Inc. “The goals of the effort are certainly aggressive but I am ever more confident we have the right people involved.”