I think the question “how was your day?” is probably one of the worst ones to ask a child. Why? Because probably a good 95 percent of the time the answer is “Good.” In the case of my own child, I’ve started to move away from these simple, one-word-answer questions, and have started to ask ones that are more likely to stir up some conversation. I ask him, “What games did you play today?” “What was something funny that happened today?” “What’d you talk about at lunch?” And, one of the most important (though still tough to get a good answer), “What did you learn today?”  I’ve even started changing the way I ask that to hopefully get a better answer, and instead ask more specific questions like, “What did you do in math and science?” But whether it’s talking to our kids about their day or talking to friends and family about our own days at work, I think it’s important we’re always learning new things. We’re never too old to stop learning.

I’m particularly excited about an upcoming educational program we’re putting together specifically for architects. We’re bringing our Architects’ Forum™ back to Long Island, March 28. This day-long event will provide architects with an opportunity to earn up to four American Institute of Architects (AIA) Learning Units covering timely and important topics related to architectural glass.

Topics this year will include:

  • How Structural Silicone Spacers Contribute to Sustainable Window Design, presented by Joe Erb of Quanex Building Products, Gold Sponsor;
  • The Evolution of Glass and High Performance Coatings,, presented by Leigh Anne Mays of Guardian Glass, Silver Sponsor;
  • Designing Safer Glass Railings with Laminated Glass, presented by Valerie Block of Kuraray America Inc., Silver Sponsor; and
  • Fenestration and Glazing Considerations for School Safety, presented by Greg Galloway of YKK AP America Inc., Silver Sponsor.

Glass and glazing products are becoming more and more sophisticated; building codes are becoming increasingly stringent; and architects’ desire to push the limits of what’s possible continues to grow. The only way to keep up with the changes is to continue learning.

Taking part in sessions like the ones that will be part of Architect’s Forum is a great way for architects to continue expanding their knowledge about glass products and capabilities. In addition to the presentations, the event also includes access to the Glass Expo Northeast™ tradeshow, which takes place concurrently. Both events will be held at the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale, N.Y. You can find additional information on the event website.

I know I’m looking forward to hearing all of these great speakers and learning more about these developments and changes that are shaping up in the industry.